Monday, March 14, 2011

Princess kisses

Why didn't anyone warn me that awkward child situations could arise as early as age 3? Why?

Let me explain. We do all sorts of kisses at our house ... butterfly kisses, fish kisses, Eskimo kisses, etc. So I wasn't really shocked when Blair told me that she wanted to give me a princess kiss.

At first it looked like she was going in for a fish kiss ... you know, by sucking in your cheeks and making fish lips? But then, she tilted her head a little. I got a tad bit uneasy then, but continued to play along because after all - she's three and none of you warned me that this may happen this early. So she's giving me a kiss on the mouth with her head tilted a little bit, and SHE LINGERED. There was no moving of the head, no parting of the lips, but there was a LINGER.

I was speechless, grossed out and horrified. I literally did not know what to say, so I said nothing at all. There was still a chance that I had imagined the whole thing, or that I had simply over-reacted. So later that day, I suggested that she give her Dada a princess kiss so that I could see if he thought the same thing that I did.

Sure enough, he backed up and very quickly said that he did not like the princess kiss. She was fine and there have been no more "instances." Until this morning when she told me she wanted to give me a princess kiss.

How do I handle this? I didn't want her to think that she'd done anything wrong, or that there was anything wrong with princess kisses. After all ... all princess movies do involve a princess kiss or two. So, I did the only thing I knew to do: I told her that she needed to save her princess kisses for her prince, and that when she GREW UP and GOT MARRIED to her prince, she could give him all of her saved up princess kisses. I explained that she didn't need to give anyone else princess kisses, only her prince, whom she would meet around the time she's 30 or 40. :)

She was fine, and is now very excited about getting married. Not sure if I solved a problem, or if I just created a whole new one.


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